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Berry Rowan

Two weeks before Christmas we lost everything in the house due to a fire. John Esposito came out the next day and walked through the house with us. I was very impressed. They bent over backwards to help us out. I could see the improvements to the house each day. ESPO’s team made it comfortable. They treated me like family.

Lori Bryant, CB Richard Ellis

Our first experience with ESPO Fire & Water was over 10 years ago. One of our high-rise office buildings in a suburban area had a fire on the 5th floor. ESPO’s response time was amazing: within a few hours they had a full crew on-site in the middle of the night. They are extremely professional and very sensitive to the needs of our tenants. We were very impressed.

Dan & Tracie Wiley, Diamond and Jewelry Buyers

We were vandalized by an arsonist. He shot fluid under the door and lit our business on fire. We called ESPO. They did an unbelievably incredible job. I would recommend them to anybody.

Bob Wright, Architect, InterArch

ESPO and InterArch did a $2.5 million dollar reconstruction project for The Willows condominium complex consisting of 38 units that burned down to the slab. John is a very honest and ethical gentleman, and a very fine contractor.

Kraus Family

There was smoke damage throughout the house. There was water damage where they put out the fire. ESPO came in that same day and got work started immediately to get our house back in shape again. They were very honest, they got the job done, and they were very professional. ESPO did a great job. This house is better than it ever has been, so we’re real pleased with the final result.

Bill Hamilton

Our home had a fire with extensive smoke damage. You are really traumatized. ESPO was quick to come on the job and addressed our concerns, and explained what they were going to do to get us back to where we were before the fire. They did an exceptional job for us and exceeded our expectations.

Ginny and John

The house was essentially burned to the ground on the second floor. All of ESPO’s team were fine craftsman and a delight to work with. A fabulous job. Really outstanding. Really did a good job for us. We’re very happy. They did things right and they did things pleasantly. No hassles or haggling. We just got it done.

Gordon Hayne

John said, ‘It’s going to be done right.’ … If he promises something, you can take it to the bank right there.

Michele Dishmen

These are good people. They’re honest, they keep their word. I can’t believe how meticulous they are with follow up in customer service … ESPO would show us every little detail, and explain why they’re doing what they’re doing, things you didn’t expect from a contractor.

Carol McGraw

My husband and I thought we were making a smart decision to replace our shake shingle roof with a composition one. But we didn’t realize that when the decking and shingles were hammered down, our 75-year-old plaster ceiling would fall down in huge chunks. This created an awful mess. The whole ceiling had to be taken down. I had friends arriving from out of town. I learned that ESPO Fire & Water could bring in a team of plasterers, cleaners, painters, and lots more professionals who could fix the damage and clean up the mess, which had now spread throughout the house. They did what they’d said they’d do and in the time they said they’d do it. We are very grateful to ESPO Fire & Water. They saved the day and did a great job.